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My old antenna
  • My US callsign is AC2TX. My Israeli callsign is 4Z5TX.
  • I'm an amateur radio operator since 2008.
  • I was a member of the Israeli Amateur Radio Club (IARC).
  • I've relocated in 2011 to Guttenberg, NJ, USA. My previous QTH was Tel Aviv in Israel, grid square KM72jb.
  • My square on the Hollyland Contest during 2009 and 2010 was E14TA. During 2011 and 2012 it was F14TA.
  • I'm on QRZ


This describes my old setup, updates will be coming soon.


Zumi DXing

I currently have two transceivers - for HF I am using a Drake TR-7 along with a Kenwood MC-50 microphone. I was told the Drake is the first fully amateur solid-state receiver ever made. For VHF/UHF I am using the IC208H, connected to a switched SEC1223 PSU.


Current Setup

I currently have two antennas - a dual-bander VHF/UHF which I built from a magmount antenna, and a 20m Dipole HF antenna built from utility line wires.

Old Setup

I had two antennas - a dual-bander VHF/UHF which I built from a magmount antenna, and a 20m Inverted-Vee HF antenna built from utility line wires and a custom-made splitbox.
I raised the antenna with some help1). The antenna pole is made from a water pipe (like a standard TV antenna mast), about 6m (~20ft) long, with steel bars on it so it'll be possible to climb on. On the top of the antenna I mounted two pulleys which enable me to bring the dipole center insulator up and down 2). On top of that the UHF/VHF antenna is mounted.



Cheat-sheet thumbnail

I made this cheat-sheet for my procedures tests. It helped me to summarize the material and act as a quick reference.

Get the full document here. ~~DISCUSSION~~

1) of my sister Zohar (4Z7DII) and my friend Alex
2) thanks for 4Z4TL for the idea and all the help :)
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