VIM Scripts

VIM is fun! And to make it even more fun I've written two small plugin scripts for it, see here.


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Eurekamp 2009

Yesterday I participated at Eurekamp 2009 organized by Roostam Tiger. Had a great fun meeting new people and discussing new ideas. Also, I participated in a lipdub! I appear for about 50usec at 00:41 :) It was an amazing experience…

From the video description:

The following LIPDUB was created in Israel during an inspiration camp called EureKamp. 
Guest star is Yossi Vardi, Israel #1 hi-tech entrepreneur with more than 200 inspired geeks.
The video was produced by Lior Zoref & Yosi Taguri from - take a look...


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New hosting

Hi, moved site (at last) to a different host, now a VDS. Now it'll be easier for me to update the site and hopefully put new projects in…


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Dokuwiki Annotated Images

Any Dokuwiki fans? You can now take a look at this. This is a plugin I made that incorporates the Fotonotes™ client-side image notes library into Dokuwiki. I made the plugin because I am going to use it heavily on this site, especially in the projects section.

So take it, install it, tinker with it and don't hesitate to report bugs! It'll be even more gratifying to see people actually fix bugs in the plugin and contribute the fixes.


printf("Hello, World!\n");

In danger of being narcissistic, I started up this little site. This is going to be a showcase for some of the projects I made (and will do in the future). Not so much to see around now, but I'll put more stuff in when I get the time. Meanwhile, enjoy your stay!


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