Here you will find information about various projects that i have been working on, mostly on my spare time. Some of them are completed and some of them are work in progress. Some of the projects are quite simple and some are more complex. Naturally, this page is in a permanent work-in-progress state.

You can also check on me on github.


Dokuwiki Annotated Image Plugin

aimg plugin I needed a Flickr-like annotated image viewer for this website. I found Fotonotes™, so I sat down and made this nice plugin.

VIM Scripts

VIM scripts page Various utility scripts that i've written for VIM


Acceleration-Sensitive Led Matrix

Led Matrix page A led matrix made of two identical 8×7 led modules, ATmega168 and a Freescale's MMA7260QT 3-axis accelerometer. I built this mainly to act as a n-sided D&D cube.

"Purple Gingi" - Wii-Nunchuck controlled Cat Massager

Purple Gingi page A purring, meowing and vibrating cat controlled by a Wii-Nunchuck. The user just lies on her1) stomach after he puts the cat on his back. Then she can control the cat using the Nunchuck.

Telephone Operated Car-Parking Remote-Control

Telephone-RC Bridge page This is a simple but effective device that connects to a telephone line and a run-of-the-mill parking remote control. Once the phone rings, the device activates the remote control and the gate is opened.


uYagi page During geekcon08, together with Dror Gil, I built the uYagi 2) for TV transmission.


Livingroom Shelves

Living Room Shelves page This shelves system, made from soft maple, fits in a door opening and act as a decorated separator between two rooms

Bedroom Cabinet

Bedroom Cabinet page A bedroom cabinet, made of pine, built to look similar to other cabinets me and my wife found laying around and used to be on our bedside

Mini Tablesaw

Mini Tablesaw project page I converted a low-grade rotary-tool into a mini table-saw. This enables me to cut PCBs and other relatively thin materials


Firefly's Jayne's Hat

Jayne's Hat A hat I knitted for my sister for her birthday, using a pattern by Heather Hill.

1) or his, or its, or His - the FSM
2) either μ or ulgy, both apply :)
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