Mini Tablesaw

I converted a low-grade rotary tool and a flexshaft to a mini tabletop saw, which enables me to cut metal, plastic and about anything that can be cut with a rotary tool accessory quite straight and nice. i still need to add fences and stuff, but it serves as a nice proof of concept.

Just hover over the image to read more details:


screw and fastener

two of them (the other one is on the other side of the shaft) are used to hold the flexshaft tightly in place so it wont move while cutting

Flexshaft tunnel

This “tunnel” was made using a router. The flexshaft is fixed inside it. This combined with the fastening makes the flexshaft stable during cutting.

Cutting mandrel

The mandrel is mounted on the flexshaft. It sticks a little bit on the other side. For this photo I used an “EZ-lock” bit, which is not good for use when doing precise cuts. The reason is that it is free to “jiggle” when a material is a little bit forced on it. It is better to use a non-EZ-lock bit for precise cuts.





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