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Telephone Operated Car-Parking Remote-Control

I got a friend who works for small start-up in a rented office. His problem is that they have only a single remote control to operate the parking lot gate. They needed a device that will allow them to open the gate by using the cell phone.

I built a device that connects to a phone line and to a standard remote control. The device is actually a “docking station” for the remote control. When a ring is detected the device will “press” the gate-open button on the remote control.

This is how it's set-up in the office: 27012008018.jpg and this is how it's used:


Remote Control

This is how the remote control looked like when I got it, before the modification:
I modified the remote control by adding a 2-pin port to the RC, one wire connected to each button terminal: 25012008004.jpg The remote control ended up looking pretty nifty: 26012008014.jpg

Docking Station

First thing I tested the circuit idea:

Then I built the actual circuit into its box. The box is a telephone line adapter box I got at ACE. Here is how the box looks from inside after construction: 27012008017.jpg The circuit is actually a ring detector built using a W04 rectifier bridge, a voltage divider and a 4N25 optoelectronic coupler. The coupler transistor output is connected to a 555 in single-shot mode in order to give a reasonable pulse length to the button pressing. The 555 is connected to the remote control via the button port I described before.

I then tested it at home:

More Photos


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, 2009/05/20 01:20
interesting solution. it would be nice to post some schematics
, 2009/05/21 08:02
i wish i found them :) they were scribbled on a small piece of paper which i've lost
, 2011/03/07 00:53
If you google the Honeywell/Aube part number CT240-01 or CT241-01 , you will find the "Telephone Controller". This sells for about USD$60. You could have wired your gate remote to the relay contact of that device, and realized the same thing except with the addition of: - The output could be protected by a four digit security code. - The device can be configured to allow an answering machine / voicemail on the same line - The number of rings before answering can be adjusted - You can activate the gate multiple times during one call. - You could also control additional devices with the other outputs
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